What is Champ Ladder?...

Champ Ladder™ is the PROVEN REWARD SYSTEM that helps take your family from CHAOS into ORDER.

Central to the system is the Personalized Champ Ladder™ Poster which is placed in a prominent place in your home such as your fridge or message board with a bright fun graphic of a Ladder.

The Ladder has 10 steps which contain certain privileges that each child has access to when they are on that step.

Your children move up and down the ladder according to their behavior and in doing so...choose their own consequences.

Champ Ladder™ becomes an unbelievable simple way for everyone to know at a glance what privileges they are entitled to.

Through the feedback of hundreds of families and years of experience Champ Ladder™ has worked out the kinks to provide you with a simple yet powerful system that...

  • taps into the competitive nature of siblings to propel them to the top
  • allows your children to "self-discipline" and see a direct relationship between their behavior and the privileges they are entitled to
  • promotes a environment where discipline is consistent, fair and without the usual screaming matches

Complete with Companion Guide...

Champ Ladder™ comes with a Companion Guide with full instructions on how to use the Champ Ladder™ effectively and lots of powerful lessons, Family Fun Night ideas and pearls of wisdom to strengthen your family... Champ Ladder™ can help you step up to become a stronger family.

What's Included?

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