What's included in Champ Ladder™?...

Champ Ladder™ consists of 2 parts, both emailed to you in Adobe PDF files.

  1. Champ Ladder™ Poster
    This document consists of a single sheet (in standard 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14" legal size) with the colorful Champ Ladder™ graphic which is personalized with your family name and trophies with the names of your children.

    While we can make suggestions for the privileges on each step, the Champ Ladder™ document is fully customizable on the "Purchase" page.

    You also get a sheet of Personalized "Move-Up" Coupons for your children with their names on them. These are great for to keep in your purse for spontaneous rewarding your children.

  2. Companion Guide
    This comprehensive guide not only fully explains how the Champ Ladder™ Poster is used and how your children move up and down...it also has tons of topics on how to strengthen your family.

    Topics include...
    • The 3 Thumbs-Up a Day rule
    • Developing a Family Mission Statement
    • "Family Fun Night" Ideas
    • Developing a "Family Principles" list
    • Allowance Plan
    • The Power of Nightly "Pow-Wows"
    • Fun "State Your Case" Family Court night
    • ...and much, much more

Everything you need for your Family to step up with Champ Ladder™!

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