You know the PROBLEM...

  • Bobby's project is due tomorrow but he left his textbooks at school
  • Sandy lied about brushing her teeth for the third time this week
  • Both of them didn't clean their rooms before going outside to play with friends

Even in the most loving homes, raising families can end up becoming a battlefield with the lines drawn between you and your children. One kid's grounded, the other one got an A on her report card, but lied about cleaning her teeth. It's hard to keep track of where everyone stands on any given day so you can discipline effectively in a fair and consistent way.

There's got to be a way to raise happy disciplined kids without all the usual stand-offs and yelling and screaming!


What if there were a way to raise self motivated children with a PROVEN REWARD SYSTEM that gives each child a target to shoot for and a clear visual guide to see whether they are on track or not.

A personalized system made for your family that directly ties behavior with the specific privileges that motivate your children?

What is Champ Ladder?

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